September 18, 2017

There are many disturbing situations facing us today but what concerns me the most is the rapid decline in people's health, an accelerated epidemic in 21st century diseases particularly cancer, the rising cost of health care and the lack of adequate health care for many people. 

Industrial processed food is at the root of this problem. But what brought us to this alarming crisis and are there positive signs that there is hope to reverse the hazardous health risks we are facing today.


My definition of the term PROCESSED INDUSTRIAL FOOD is broader than some of the definitions I have looked at on the internet. 


The simple definition is that industrial processed food is convenience food, commercially prepared food as an easy way to get and consume. It’s loaded with toxic chemicals , a list too long to describe. It's fake food with little to no nutritional value and has excessive amounts of  sodium , sugar, and saturated fats.  However, I define this fake food more broadly including all GMO grains, fruits and vegetables, farmed seafood, beef, pork and poultry that has been raised in squalid conditions (not humanely raised meat) and injected with hormones and antibiotics.


Processed industrial food can quickly begin to harm a person’s health which can contribute to serious health issues. The list is long but cancer is our most serious disease increasing pain and suffering. And health costs are out of line with most people’s budget. It’s an epidemic of unbridled proportions. Looking at a graph of the rise in industrial processed food since the early 1950s and 21st century diseases clearly shows  there is a correlation. Everywhere modern processed foods go , chronic diseases soon follow.  


Our first clue as to how seriously industrial processed food  has impacted our western society is that the landscape of every city , highway service centers , towns and suburbs is dotted with fast food restaurants serving every imaginable toxic loaded processed junk food to unsuspecting consumers. Chain restaurant like THE OLIVE GARDEN, RED LOBSTER, PENERA ,COFFEE SHOPS just to name a few, pretend to deliver quality food by falsely advertising their brand with TV and magazine ads that present images of fresh clean attractively presented meals. In fact this is far from the truth. The advertising industry is collaborating with these chain restaurants by perpetuating lies to the consumer.  It’s a myth of enormous proportions that has evolved since the early 1950s and the consumer has become immune to the lies and mesmerized by advertising methods to fool and lure restaurant customers to patronize their establishments. Our  taste buds have become desensitized and many of the younger generation have never tasted real genuine wholesome food and as a result do not know the difference.  


I have relied on a lot of credible information from the best selling author and investigative journalist, Eric Schlosser, whose timely book FAST FOOD NATION: The Dark Side of the all American Meal, is an eye opener to the facts of what has happened to our food chain.


He can be accessed on YouTube if there is an interest in greater details of the horrors in the food industry that he discovered while researching for his book.


Being a member of the WW2 generation that remembers how real food tastes, the decline in the quality of our food chain is very troubling. I spend every day seeking real food sources and refuse to eat industrial processed food. One begins to feel like a modern hunter and gatherer .


This crisis is so serious that even the best of the lot in supermarkets is promoting and selling processed food under the guise of healthy and organic. Whole Foods came into the marketplace as a shining light in the battle to return to real food. But alas, one just needs to go down its aisles and one sees bags and more bags , boxes and more boxes of processed food and mountains of sugary drinks. Their hot food buffet and salad bar leaves me feeling turned off by the so called healthy food. It’s actually quite disgusting and I refuse to spend $15.00 for a meal that is awful looking and tasting. 


The center aisle displaying fruits , vegetables and herbs is very deceptive. The produce looks real but when you bite into a fruit it has no taste, its sour, or hard like a rock. Certainly nothing like what I used to eat as a child in the early 1950s.For example grapes and watermelons don't even have seeds any more. Its an outrageous situation. I have stopped eating fruits all together except for occasional berries excluding strawberries since they taste like cardboard. And to make matters even worse the price you are expected to pay for these fruits and vegetables is ridiculous. Even so called organic fruits are sour and have no real fruit taste and are even more pricy. A perfect example are tomatoes. The skin is hard and the tomatoes do not taste like tomatoes used to taste. Heirloom tomatoes are great but because of their high cost I buy them once in a while as a treat.


The decline in our food chain started in the early 1950s.

The question is how and why did this alarming state of affairs in our food chain begin and is there light at the end of the tunnel to curtail its acceleration and damage to our health. 


By the 1950s the advancement in the processed food technology combined with mothers working full time in order to add to the family income to be able to maintain a certain degree of lifestyle, home cooking became more and more of a luxury and families turned more and more to fast foods. The advent of MacDonald’s, the first fast food chain restaurant is what began this crisis. 


I remember the day so very well  around 1956 when my Dad came home with the newly launched SWANSON Turkey TV dinner for our dinner that night. We never ate Swanson TV dinners again. It was a novelty. My full time working mother always cooked from scratch, fresh and wholesome food.


And I also recall the day when my Dad came home with the newest artificial orange juice called TANG . So easy , just 1 tsp and a glass of water , mix and drink . Little did anyone realize at the time that we had landed on a slippery slope of garbage food that would poison our trillion cells and send our western civilization into a subtle but dramatic change in our health and well being.


These companies promoted their products as healthy. The picture advertising TANG is a perfect example of their devious method of targeting children to demand that their parents buy these products.


The images below from the early 1950s were the beginning of what has become an epidemic of industrial processed food as the mainstay diet of most people today and the reason why people all over the world are sicker and fatter than ever before. Changes in diet , moving away from traditional foods in favor of modern processed food , is clearly the reason for the rapid decline in our health. The science evidenced based  studies are in and one can no longer deny the impact this trend has had on our health and the massive cost to governments’ financial health budgets and the unnecessary pain and suffering the sick have to endure. If this situation continues people and  governments are risking bankruptcy from the high cost of health care. 

The only ones benefiting from this alarming crisis are the Big Pharma corporations, nursing homes and health care insurance companies. It is in their interest to continue to support Industrial Processed Food Corporations and attack the Natural alternative health movement.

 Money, greed and their shareholders is their motivation to continue this policy.


The time has come when we need governments to take action and implement programs that promote prevention and education in schools about the human body and how nutrition affects health. School cafeterias could be leaders in changing eating habits of the youngest of our citizens by serving real wholesome food at lunch time.


Another very important factor that has had a devastating impact on the way we eat and has compounded the disease issue, is the false science report produced by Ancel Keys in the 1950s  that encouraged us and prompted governments to produce a food pyramid recommending that fat is bad and load up on carbohydrates. This advice is now so deeply cemented in the minds of most consumers that the campaign to bring good fats like butter and low complex carbs back into the mainstream diet has been difficult .  


However , there are many positive signs that consumers are listening. 


Because of shoppers demands , many supermarkets are beginning to include small sections in their stores with healthier choices and organic produce. Health food stores are no longer scares. Alternative natural health books, the internet, the YouTube channel, natural health advocates like DAVID ASPREY , inventor of the BULLETPROOF lifestyle , are all contributing to give alternative health advocates a platform to bring their message to consumers. 





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