WHAT MY PROGRAM DOES NOT DO. Before I tell you about how I eat, I must emphasize that I am NOT suggesting that this is a CURE for cancer. It is not! Nor am I implying that cancer cannot be reversed. Some cancers can be cured! There are many well-documented cases that have succeeded. But it all depends on the person and their biological make-up, their lifestyle choices, the medications they are taking and other things. It’s very individual. WHAT MY PROGRAM DOES DO. But what my program does do is SUPPORT your system to deal with whatever health issues you may have and the negative side effects caused by the drugs you need to take. It will give you a fighting chance of living longer with a better quality of life. WHAT STARTED ME ON THE PATH TO HEALING. I have been influenced by the following: • ONE MAN’S FOOD IS ANOTHER MAN’S POISON by Dr. James D’Adamo (my naturopath in Toronto for many years) • EAT RITE 4 YOUR TYPE by Dr. Peter D’Adamo • THE BULLETPROOF DIET by David Asprey • PHYSICAL DEGENERATION AND NUTRITION by Dr. Weston A Price • NOURISHING OUR TRADITIONS by Sally Fallon • The books of: Ann Wigmore Dr. Norman Walker Jay Kordich (The Juiceman) Professor Arnold Ehret Carol Alt Dr. Edward Howell Lou Corona MY PERSONALIZED DIETARY PROGRAM. I’m committed to eating according to my blood type O, almost raw, and 100% Bulletproof. (O is the original blood type to appear on our planet. Blood type O should be a meat eater and thrives on a PALEOLITHIC diet—particularly a KETOGENIC diet that is high in good quality fats. My diet consists of: • Absolutely NO industrially processed food. • Some protein—grass-fed organic meat, wild fish, poultry and cage free eggs • Some complex carbohydrates • 75% good quality fat —fatty meat, grass-fed butter, lard, duck fat, olive oil, raw egg yolks and avocados Although I drink a lot of fresh vegetable juices, I also enjoy steaming my veggies and drenching them in melted, grass-fed butter and lemon juice! I prefer to drink my vegetables in the form of fresh raw living juices by starting my morning with a glass of GINGER BLAST—a combination of powerful, bio-active greens and herbs that work wonders for an overworked liver. Watch my YouTube video for the GINGER BLAST ingredients. I’ll also post a separate article about a variation of this drink that was created by Lou Corona. Jay Kordich, (The Juiceman) always said, “Drink your vegetables and eat your fruits—drink the blood of the plant for vibrant living.” You may wonder why eating RITE 4 YOUR TYPE is so important. To quote my first teacher, the late Dr. James D’Adamo: “ I believe that no two people on the face of the earth were alike; no two people have the same fingerprints, lip prints, or voice prints. No two blades of grass or snowflakes are alike. Because I felt that all people were different from one another, I did not think it was logical that they should eat the same food. It became clear to me that since each person was housed in a special body with different strengths, weaknesses, and nutritional requirements, the only way to maintain health or cure illness was to accommodate to that particular patient’s specific needs.” Since connecting with Lou Corona and learning about his program, I’ve decided to include more raw food and his amazing raw enzymes into what I consider to be an excellent diet for my blood type. Eating raw food is not for everybody. I thrive on raw food because I have a large influence of type A in my base-type O. My mother’s blood was type A. Type As should eat a vegetarian diet. Having experimented in the past with a raw food diet, I discovered that I can live happily in the vegetarian kingdom…but only partially! My system needs animal protein. So, if you’re considering making a lifestyle change and feel confused by all the contradictory information on the internet, contact me through my website for budget-friendly guidance that will help you transition to a better quality of life. After all, slow and gentle is always the way to go.

October 29, 2017

FOOD Let food be your medicine …. Hippocrates These words, spoken thousands of years ago tell the whole story. Vibrant health begins with real food of high quality to feed our trillions of cells. We cannot thrive consuming industrial processed food. The alarming rise of diseases is becoming an epidemic in the world and is a direct result of false science, GMO ,the big food manufacturing corporations, government, school cafeterias, fast food outlets dotting the landscape and the lack of home cooking. Less and less meals are prepared at home from scratch. Its an irony that the food channel on TV is one of the most popular channels. But this lack of cooking at home has been caused by several reasons. There was a time when home economics was a required course in high school. And there was a time when mothers were stay at home Mums and families gathered together at the dinner table to enjoy a fresh home made meal. Unfortunately the need for both parents to work and the fast paced existence we all lead , leaves little time for eating well balanced healthy meals at home. We either grab a quick bite in a fast food outlet or choose a restaurant . Restaurants are equally responsible for serving poor quality food at inflated prices. Restaurants use too many refined processed ingredients including farmed fish and polluted meat and unhealthy oils. It’s my mission to demonstrate that it is possible to prepare delicious meals on a budget and be healthy. Cooking at home can be an enjoyable creative experience. The key to success is to use the KISS principle ….. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID !! And to become knowledgeable about the best choices available in the market place. There are so many options to choose from. One needs to become familiar with shopping on the internet , local farmers , supermarkets, health food stores, co operatives and food banks . Price comparison shopping is crucial when working with a tight budget. I will produce videos on my YouTube channel demonstrating how one can stretch the budget and still use high quality food. As an example when choosing grass-fed meat , purchase mince meat . Mince meat is very versatile and can be turned into burgers, meat sauces, meat loaves adding numerous healthy additions which give you more bang for your buck. Another example when choosing organic poultry , its best to buy legs and thighs with the skin. It’s the cheaper part of the chicken , higher in good fat and far more flavourable than boring skinless dry chicken breast. Use cage free eggs more frequently in your meal plans. They too are as versatile as mince meat and the least expensive high quality protein available. You can turn eggs into loaves filled with vegetables , make frittatas , or simply poach or lightly fry them in ghee sunny side up placed on a bed of steamed organic spinach or asparagus. When choosing lamb , pick shoulder chops or other inexpensive cuts. And last but not least organic pork is always a great meal high in good fat and not pricy. Pork is also very versatile. Soups and stews made with a base of grass-fed bone broth is always a great stand by meal and can be prepared ahead of time and frozen till ready to eat. Yes , this requires a commitment to live healthier , effort , preparation and to be well organized. The benefits are feeling better, preventing diseases, remaining slim, having more energy, more mental clarity, better mood, better hair, nails and skin and remaining youthful longer. I believe in personalized nutrition and eating according to ones blood type. In future videos I will elaborate in more detail as to the validity of this paradigm developed by my naturopathic physician Dr. James D’Adamo who wrote the book “ONE MAN’S FOOD IS ANOTHERS POISON” Over the years , as I was experimenting on myself with many different diets , I finally adopted a BULLETPROOF lifestyle and I am THRVING. My food journey took me from my German ancestral diet, to macrobiotics , to vegetarianism , juicing and a raw food diet. I have retained some of what I learned and have incorporated it into my BULLETPROOF program. As an example, I love grass fed steak tartar which is raw. I still drink green juices without sugary fruits and eat tons of salad and very lightly steamed veggies. And I have discovered that I feel much better, have more energy , less brain fog when I keep my carb intake to 20 grams a day. The BULLETPROOF diet is an upgraded version of the Ketogenic diet. It’s a low protein, low carb , high fat diet. There are many versions of these high fat diets but I have chosen to be BULLETPROOF because it is the most satiating , best tasting , easy to follow program. Drinking bulletproof coffee in the morning with grass fed butter and brain octain oil kills all cravings, hunger and makes it very easy to INTERMITTENT FAST for up to 24 hours. No will power needed ! What makes this possible ? It’s the magic of the grass-fed butter. In forth coming episodes on my Wholistic Health Channel I will elaborate on the power of Fasting, grass-fed butter, brain octain oil, ketones, the health concerns about carbs, the eat rite for your blood type theory and a myriad of other topics related to FOOD and HEALTH. However, I am a devoted follower of the BULLETPROOF lifestyle and most of my focus will be on this protocol. It has been easy to implement into my life , I have been able to remain consistent , feel and look fantastic and am THRIVING. As a cancer survivor and 76 years young , this is most probably the very best diet to follow. I am a living example. However, I believe in the right to choose and every individual must decide what works best for them. The information that I send out thru my YouTube videos are meant to give people options to consider and I speak only from my own experience. I am not a Dr.

October 22, 2017

THE POWER OF COFFEE ENEMAS Coffee enema! What on earth is that? Over the years I have heard that question over and over again. The explanation amazes people ! However, it is one of the most effective, budget friendly, do at home therapies to regain ones health. I speak from my own personal experience having performed 1000th of enemas in the last 25 years. I credit coffee enemas as one of the many protocols that has provided me with the quality of life I have enjoyed while battling leukemia and ingesting toxic chemo medications . The liver becomes compromised from daily prescription drugs and needs regular cleansing. Enemas do just that ! A coffee enema is the procedure of injecting coffee via the anus to cleanse the rectum, large intestines but more importantly the coffee is absorbed thru the portal vein at the entrance of the anus and delivered directly to the liver. The PALMITIC ACID in the coffee stimulates the liver to discharge it’s toxic substances caused by consistent use of medication , recreational drugs, alcohol and poor dietary habits. Cleansing the liver is the main purpose for administrating coffee enemas. This procedure does clean the anus and colon too but liver detox is its main purpose. The liver is the major detox organ and toxic build up continues circulating filthy blood thru the liver to feed our cells. It is one of the causes of disease. A clean liver is the pathway to better health and the fountain of youth. A highly effective therapy. It is simple to administer but coaching by an expert enema practitioner prior to attempting one is recommended. One can use any good quality organic coffee but I prefer using a brand especially produced and used by THE GERSON INSTITUTE and other reputable alternative cancer centers. It’s a Canadian company and easily purchased on line. See for videos and more detailed information about enemas and their products, or phone directly at 888-352-7789. Please email me for coaching if you decide that this might improve your condition. You will learn how powerful and easy this procedure can be once you know how to do it. Your reward for the consistent use of coffee enemas will be more energy, no more headaches, constipation, great skin and a return of a youthful feeling long forgotten.

October 22, 2017

BULLETPROOF LIFESTYLE Over the years I have had the ambition to write a book about my natural healing journey with leukemia. It just never happened for one reason or another. As the old cliché says “nothing happens until its time “ and this certainly is the case with the book THRIVE that is finally beginning to take shape through my recently launched website, I have so much more to say and a lot more credible information to share with my readers. I will write about alternative protocols, natural healing foods, effective budget friendly therapies and living supplements that I have used for many years and some that have just recently found their way into my life by adopting The BULLETPROOF Lifestyle. Recently I have came across an inspirational health educator, Lou Corona. Lou is a raw vegan and reversed his serious health conditions when he was a young man with the raw vegan diet high in living enzymes. Studying his protocol made me realize that I should begin adjusting my dietary approach to eating almost raw according to my blood type but still remain bulletproof. I am an O blood type with a large influence of A since my mother was an A blood type. According to Dr. JAMES D’ ADAMO and his son PETER , blood type O should eat clean animal protein and blood type A should be a vegetarian. In my case having a large influence of A in my base blood type O , I face a big challenge . As I have matured , I have noticed that I am very sensitive to many foods and have reflected on this dilemma for quite some time. Lou Corona has inspired me in to integrate partial raw vegan food items including his living enzymes into my low protein, low carb, and high fat bulletproof diet. I called this diet EAT ALMOST RAW FOR YOUR TYPE. We need powerful living enzymes in our diet. In a future article I plan to go into greater detail about the need for enzymes in our meals. I believe we are all unique and need to follow our bodies cry for food that suits our particular type. To feel well it’s absolutely necessary to adjust ones dietary approach to something that heals you and makes you feel well and energized. It’s not wise to get stuck in a certain mind set when one should be flexible and look at other food options and build a personalized dietary approach. Change is important when applicable. I love to experiment or as David Asprey calls it BIO HACK my body. I have no credentials to flaunt. The foundation of my wholistic philosophy is based on what is recently becoming a new idea in the natural healing movement. It is called PERSONALIZED NUTRITION . Dr. James D’Adamo who wrote “One Man’s Food is another’s Poison” in the early 1970s theorized that we should eat according to our blood type. He is the Father of what is now called personalized nutrition. But the big difference in these 2 terms is that Dr. D’s theory is very specific. There is no guessing or using the trial and error method applying his theory. I credit my success to feeling re-energized , maintaining a healthy weight, and strength to the recent addition of living a strict BULLETPROOF lifestyle. I am truly THRIVING ! Many of you of you visiting my website are probably asking what caused my leukemia ? I asked that question myself. The medical community did not provide me with a satisfactory answer so I decided to find out for myself. For years I thought it was my lifestyle. In my particular case I smoked a lot of pot until I was 45 years old. I quit cold turkey once I became aware that it was causing me to forget things. I felt as if my brain was dying. And it was. Of course a big component in any disease has to do with lifestyle and I am certain years of smoking marijuana definitely contributed to my condition particularly affecting the detox system of my liver but what I discovered recently in a book by Louise Hay “ ALL is WELL “ is that emotions and trauma going as far back as childhood can be a crucial cause of disease. Being born in the middle of the war in Europe, my childhood was fraught with trauma and abandonment. And according to Louise Hay, diseases of the blood is a condition caused by abandonment in childhood. The first early symptom is acute anemia which emerged in my life at age 34 following the uprooting of my life from my 1st matrimonial home in Jamaica. It was a devastating event. And there were many more to follow causing my condition to slowly worsen. It took many years before I became aware that there were natural solutions to slow down my illness and tackle my issue of ABANDONMENT. In future articles I will write specifically about the use of Bach Flower Remedies and the Holosync Meditation Program to tackle emotional issues. Today I can speak with authority from my life experience and my journey of self realization that there is hope to heal thyself. My website will guide you through the many articles to learn the secrets of living a quality of life even when challenged with a serious or minor disease. I am always available for budget friendly coaching sessions ,one on one, or a group session via Skype.

October 22, 2017

Symptoms of Early Aging “ No Health, No Wealth” What is the definition of aging according to the dictionary? (Collins Dictionary) “the process of growing old or developing the appearance and characteristics of old age” “the gradual accumulation of minor bodily injuries or degeneration often associated with a gradual decrease in functional capacity, that affects all human beings, to a greater or lesser degree, after middle age” “the process of growing older. It includes a reduction in strength, endurance, the speed of reaction, agility, basal metabolism, sexual activity and hearing acuity. The bones are more brittle, the skin drier and less elastic and the teeth are shed” The definition that I prefer is one that anti-aging science researcher Dr. Aubrey de Grey defines as “Aging is the ACCUMULATION of DAMAGE in the body that occurred or is created as a side effect or consequence of the body’s normal operation “ Please access his interview by David Asprey on YouTube if you are curious about more in depth information about his scientific findings and on going research about the aging process and how to access the fountain of youth. Aging is a natural process. It begins from the moment we are born. Aging poorly is not a given. It's up to the individual how rapidly and how well we age. We can choose to THRIVE into our golden years if we decide and act to live a healthy lifestyle and commit to doing the work required to stay vibrant and youthful. What are the most common early symptoms of aging? Before I list these, I need to point out that signs of aging are not only external but also internal. Often the obvious external characteristics can be signals of internal changes taking place. There is a saying “clean from the inside out “! Not the other way around. Listed below are the obvious signs of aging: The Skin: acne, blotchy and dry is often a reflection of trouble on the inside. Muscle Strength and Muscle Mass …. Weakness of muscular system cannot support the skeletal system resulting in poor posture and brittle bones Manual Dexterity Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis. A dietary deficiency and an allergy to dairy and grains. Decreased Stamina and fatigue Increased Body fat and Weight Liver spots ….. a signal that liver is congested Greying and Loss or Thinning of Hair Decrease in Memory Cardiac Output Decrease in Hearing and Eye sight (auditory and visual acuim) Diabetes …… Recurring Infections/ A Weak Immune System Slowed Intestinal Transit Constipation Risk of Cancer Penial Dysfunction Inflammation Critical Organs …. Brain / Liver / Pancreas / Kidneys / Heart Poor Absorption The organs and glands of our body become compromised as we age. They are at work 24/7 and it is our responsibility to treat them with care if we desire a long life with quality and independence. The dietary choices we make, the use of industrial processed food, alcohol, drugs, smoking cigarettes and high-stress levels are the main culprits in disease, rapid aging and aging prematurely. Genes do play a role. Some folks are blessed with strong genes but even given a fortunate beginning, our diet and lifestyle eventually catch up with us. Its helpful ,if at all possible , to look back at our parents and grandparents’ health issues and use their history as a mirror for what may come if we do not improve our lifestyle habits. To give an example looking back at my family, I know a lot of my paternal grandparent's health issues. My grandmother succumbed to diabetes losing both her legs. I knew this was going to be an issue for me had I not made the supreme effort to limit my carbs. My grandfather died on the operating table while undergoing bypass surgery. My father had bypass surgery and eventually died of a massive heart attack. He never stopped eating a lot of bread and potatoes. Since I grew up with them for an extended period of my early youth, I clearly remember what our diet consisted off. Yes, we lived on a big farm and in those days what we ate was clean, real wholesome unpolluted home cooked food. But it consisted of a lot of carbs especially wine, potatoes, bread and cakes of all sorts and a lot of organic fruit from our orchard. Potatoes and Bread was a staple food at our dining table and the national dish of Rumania, corn meal mush drenched in cows milk or baked as a casserole with the cheese from our sheep was a dish we ate frequently. We now know from the latest up to date scientific evidence how carbs turn into sugar and can disrupt our blood sugar and bring on diabetes, inflammation and other 21st century ailments, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis, to name just a few. Yes, we did have a lot of good fats with our meals. The best homemade grass-fed butter and pork lard. But it wasn’t the butter or lard that brought on illness it was the bread underneath the butter and lard that was the cause. PREVENTION is BETTER than the CURE

October 22, 2017

AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE TO CANADA. For the last 22 years I have been under the care of an excellent health care system, the Canadian Health program, to manage a blood disorder, leukemia. I have been given every available option to ensure the best quality of life and a health care team that goes beyond the call of duty. My gratitude is beyond words. A special thanks must go to my lead physician and hematologist, Dr. Jeannie Callum at The Odette Cancer Center, Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Her total devotion to my case is exemplary. However, there was a time when I had a different mindset. And I would like to share a few thoughts about this matter to make my readers aware that I was wrong in believing that I could manage without mainstream medicine and rely solely on a natural healing philosophy. It took a crisis to bring me to my senses. I quickly learned that it is possible to blend the two systems successfully and remain well and independent. For a number of years, I had minor symptoms that were early signs of a larger problem that was slowly developing in my blood. The earliest sign was when I was about 34 years old. I was diagnosed with ACUTE ANEMIA. Years later the next major symptom was a severe migraine headache that would not respond to strong painkillers. During this time I was a regular patient of an expert Japanese Acupuncturist and Shiatsu therapist. He examined me during one of my sessions and found a large blood clot just below the back of my skull. His diagnosis was that this caused my perpetual migraine headaches. He suggested he would use an ancient Japanese acupuncture technique to eliminate the issue immediately. I agreed. He punctured the swollen area with acupuncture needles, placed a suction cup over the blood clot and slowly massaged all the blood out into the cup. Miraculously my headache disappeared instantly. The coagulated blood had obviously caused severe pressure in my brain resulting in constant headaches. Around 1990 the toes in my feet were turning blue and I had great difficulty walking without severe pain. I did not have a primary physician since I was still under the erroneous belief that I could do without a GP and mainstream medicine. One of my best friends, a nurse, said to me one day, and I quote her “ you need to go to a real doctor, there is a walk-in clinic on Church St. You will be able to see a doctor immediately”. And I did the following day. The rest is history. I got my diagnosis via a blood test that revealed my condition, THROMBOSIS PENIA. This is a blood disorder that produces too many platelets which thicken the blood and puts you into a risk of a possible stroke. I was prescribed a Chemo drug, Hydroxyurea, that brought down my platelet count to normal and had regular blood tests to monitor the progression of my disease. The negative side effects of Hydroxyurea prompted me to embark on an aggressive natural healing program which included coffee enemas, preparing and drinking tons of juices, fasting, liver flushes, colonic irrigation, frequent acupuncture treatments and continuing my education in all the latest natural healing protocols. I read many books and attended workshops as often as I could and did a number of certified courses in living food lifestyles. By 2013 my condition entered its final stage, Myelofibrosis. I credit the quality of my life and longevity up to this time to my proactive approach in pursuing as many alternative protocols to mitigate the negative effects on my liver from the chemo drug I took to avoid a massive stroke. When I was 60 years young, I saw Dr. Kelton at McMasters University Hospital in Hamilton for a second opinion. He was the Dean of the medical school and one of Canada’s top researchers in blood disorders. He was amazed at my excellent condition and told me that he had never seen a patient with my disease and my age who was doing so well. He asked me what I was doing. I mentioned all the natural approaches I was using. His response was “ it seems to be working, so keep doing what you are doing.” I felt totally supported by Dr. Kelton and continued to find a balance between mainstream medicine and alternative healing. My approach has always been to be proactive in all areas of my life, the physical and the spiritual. I always have been a seeker to find the answers to continue to improve and remain independent to the bitter end. So be proactive, experiment with your own body, try out new ideas, be focused, consistent, dedicated and never give up until the light goes out. And get along with your Dr. Most of them mean well and are there to help you be well. However, be the master of your own ship and the architect of your destiny. As my wonderful Dr. Callum said to me one day when I refused the medication that would save my life, and I quote her “ you are in the driver's seat “. I reflected on her words and thought about my daughter that night. By morning I had made the decision to work in harmony with Dr. Callum. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this very difficult journey.

October 22, 2017

TOXEMIA AND THE HEALING PROCESS No healing can take place until the internal environment of the body is cleansed. “CLEAN FROM THE INSIDE OUT” The goal in this blog is to provide my readers with a “Readers Digest” version of “TOXEMIA EXPLAINED” and the fundamental cause of most diseases and how diseases can be reversed, controlled, or best prevented. To discuss the possible ease of any illness , we must first comprehend the main cause of most diseases. Once this is understood and the patient commits to doing the work required to return to vibrant health, the path to regaining ones vitality is more attainable. Dr. J.H. Tilden explained the cause of disease in his now famous book “TOXEMIA EXPLAINED” written in the early 1930s . He was ahead of his time. An early pioneer in the alternative health movement. John Henry Tilden (1851 – 1940) was an American medical doctor now best known in circles of alternative healthcare for his criticism of pharmaceutics and for his theory explaining disease via "toxaemia". He died in Denver, Colorado, on September 1, 1940, at age 89. According to the dictionary toxemia is defined ….. as a condition of illness due to presence in the bloodstream of toxins. Dr. Tilden wrote .. “ WHAT more can be asked by any doctor or layman than a philosophy of the cause of disease that gives a perfect understanding of all the so-called diseases? To know cause supplies even the layman with a dependable knowledge of how to avoid building disease, and how to cure. When people know how to avoid disease they know an immunization that immunizes rationally. Dependable knowledge of what disease really is and its cause is man's salvation; and when it can be had with no more effort than that required to read carefully and understandingly Toxemia Explained, there is little excuse for anyone, lay or professional, to live in ignorance of it. Knowledge is power. Knowledge of how to have health gives greatest power. Few people know anything about the cause of disease. To them this book is dedicated and the freedom from medical superstition it will bring them. “ -Dr. J. H. Tilden,M.D. Blood carries nutrients from the food we eat and toxins from poor health habits. Blood nourishes our cells and can also poison the cells from the toxins in our blood. Blood travels through the liver and if there exists a toxic build up in the liver it cannot detox the blood efficiently and will develop liver congestion. A congested toxic liver is the fundamental cause of disease. The liver is the most important organ. It is THE detoxification plant of the body. A liver burdened by toxic debris is not able to detox the blood efficiently feeding the cellular level of the body with poison. This begins a negative spiral effect in the body. A congested liver does not keep bile moving freely and is one of the culprits in bowel dysfunction. “DEATH BEGINS IN THE COLON” Dr. Norman Walker stated in his famous book COLON HEALTH. A clean colon is the KEY to good health. Norman Wardhaugh Walker (4 January 1886 – 6 June 1985) was a British businessman and pioneer in the field of vegetable juicing and nutritional health. He advocated the drinking of fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices, both to regain and to maintain one's health. Based on his design, the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer was developed. This juicer continues to be produced and sold today. Walker wrote several books on nutrition and healthy living. Walker was notable for at least three reasons: (1) He was the author of at least six books published from 1937 to 1978. (2) He was the inventor of an important and innovative commercial juicer that is still manufactured today. (3) He was a pioneer in the raw foods, juicing, and vegetarian movements, each of which has grown in size and scope over the years. As of 2006, most book reviews and promotional web sites wrongly claim that Walker reached the phenomenal age of, variously, 109, 113, 116, 118 or even 119 years. Several official sources,[1][2][3] the US Social Security Death Index[4] and a grave marker[5] all indicate that he actually lived to be 99 years of age.[6] The immune system is directly related to the conditions of the intestines as well as the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food during digestion. Toxemia is the cause of all disease. Most of us are unaware that we are walking around with clogged colons. Auto toxemia , meaning self caused , is the real culprit in almost all diseases and degenerative conditions. Dr. Tilden’s book makes this abundantly clear. Dealing with toxemia early in life will slow down the aging process. A clean colon and a clean liver are the true pathway to the fountain of youth , vitality and excellent health. One will not experience the aches , pains and illnesses attributed to the “normal” aging process. By applying preventative health habits one can dramatically reduce the chances of chronic diseases , illness and cellular degeneration. No quantity or type of prescription drugs, surgery or other remedial medical care can save us from a self imposed death sentence of auto intoxication. Below is Dr. Tilden’s more elaborate definition of toxemia as the cause of most diseases. “The DEFINITION of Toxemia and crises of Toxemia:—In the process of tissue building— metabolism—there is cell building— anabolism—and cell destruction—catabolism. The broken down tissue is toxic and in health—when nerve energy is normal—it is eliminated from the blood as fast as evolved. When nerve energy is dissipated from any cause—physical or mental excitement or bad habits—the body becomes enervated, when enervated, elimination is checked, causing a retention of toxin in the blood or Toxemia. This accumulation of toxin when once established will continue until nerve energy is restored by removing the causes. So called disease is nature’s effort at eliminating the toxin from the blood. All so-called diseases are crises of Toxemia.” In modern language my definition of toxemia and better health is ……garbage in , garbage out. Constipation is a condition in the large intestine of food pressed and crowded together, packed and cramped and if not properly eliminated on a daily basis it will turn into an acid, putric condition and create an imbalance of the intestinal flora . All sick people have bowel trouble. The common symptoms of a malfunctioning colon is constipation, toxin burdened, fatigue, bloating, putrid flatulence, bad breath, body odour, skin rashes, acne, cancer, joint pains, arthritis, inflammation, diarrhea, lower back pain, frequent illness, flu, poor sleep, diabetes diverticulitis, chrohn’s disease , the list goes on and on. Cleaning the bowel by applying herbal formulas, colonic ozone irrigation and coffee enemas in combination with regular liver flushes, juice and broth fasting is a good beginning towards detoxing the body and returning to improved health and vitality. It’s a prerequisite to get the bowels back into a better functioning condition. Otherwise all other treatments, healthy diet, vitamins and all other therapies fall short of their potential benefit. The sewer system must function efficiently otherwise the body is soaking in its own putrid waste which encourages disease. All congestion and toxins must be removed. REGULAR BOWEL and LIVER CLEANSING is unavoidable if good health is the goal. The longer the transit time, the longer the waste matter sits in the bowel and purifies there exists the certainty that this putrid toxic waste is reabsorbed into the body. The longer the body is exposed to this toxic brew there is the risk of developing disease. Remarkable things begin to happen as you begin to change your eating habits, detoxing your body at the cellular level using the cleansing protocols mentioned in the above paragraph. You can expect changes to take place in your body, changes which are often confusing. These changes indicate positive improvements and need to be understood as such. Most of these are symptoms of detoxification. The following can be subtle or severe …….headaches , bloating , fatigue, skin eruptions in the form of rashes, eczema, psoriasis, diarrhea ,constipation ,flu like feeling , mucus catharsis ,boils ,and pus. Once toxic debris begins to leave the body via the skin, the colon, the liver, the kidneys and respitory system the patient begins to regain energy and clarity of mind. To ease these uncomfortable detox symptoms one can implement a number of protocols to help remove these issues. I will elaborate in greater detail in later blogs about the relief of these unpleasant detox reactions when introducing powerful protocols such as coffee enemas, colonic ozone irrigation, daily neti pot flushes , dry skin brushing , Epson salt scrubs, castor oil packs, kidney flushes, liver flushes, ozone infusions, ozone saunas , intravenous glutathione treatments and nutritional IV infusions.

October 22, 2017

THE SCOOP ON FASTINGSome thoughts on the subject of fasting. There are many different opinions about what fasting is all about. Over the years I developed my own ideas on how to fast the most practical and effective way. I tried many types of fasts and understand how challenging a fast can be. TO FAST IS NOT TO STARVE Fasting is an age old method to cleanse the body of impurities: foreign matter created from undigested, uneliminated and decayed food and to allow the organs of the body to rest. Working with a therapist or coach who understands fasting programs is recommended as a precaution to avoid failure and to make the fasting experience pleasant. Colonic irrigation and coffee enemas are appropriate to ease uncomfortable detox symptoms. There are many fasting programs and they all achieve a cleansing of the cellular level of the body. Some programs are rigorous, some more moderate and gentle. They accommodate the individual needs. It’s always better to take into account, age, the health issues and the constitution of the person who is fasting. A negative fasting experience can destroy the will to ever fast again. A water fast , the most challenging fast , is one of the more well known and popular fasts. It is also known as the MASTER CLEANSE. I do not endorse this fast. Drinking just water mixed with cayenne pepper and maple syrup for days on end is much too severe , the body gets no nourishment to repair and the detox reactions can be most unpleasant . For best results a tailor designed fasting program of wheatgrass and fresh green vegetable juices is more effective and tolerable. Colonic irrigation and coffee enemas are helpful in eliminating detox reactions of headaches, nausea and fatigue. Years of experience with fasting has taught me that a green vegetable juice fast is best for most people. Whether you fast for a few days or a week always include some form of bowel cleanser ,coffee enemas or colon therapy. The most persuasive factor to embark on a juice fast is that it’s a powerhouse of ENZYMES that cleanse, revitalize and regenerate the entire body. Wheatgrass is the most effective. It acts as a cellular detergent. Freshly pressed juices using a twin gear type of juicer send forth cleansing catalysts that penetrate the inner most recesses of your body and dislodge the accumulated sludge, grime , and toxins from your cells and organs. While cleaning, the juices are rich in nutrients that repair your vital tissues and organs and slows the aging process making you look and feel youthful, no matter what your age. Another very effective fasting program and easy to tolerate is a mono fruit diet. However, I do not suggest you try this if your blood sugar is out of balance. Eat only one type of fruit a day and pick one that is high in fiber. For example, an apple is a great choice. Eat as many as you need to feel satisfied. A mono fast is very easy on the digestive system. Change fruits if you are bored eating the same fruit every day. Fruits are great cleansers too and have the power to breakdown toxins and mucus. The high fiber content of the fruit acts like a broom to sweep out the debris from the bowels. Drink plenty of water in between eating the fruit. The mono fruit fast can be endured for longer periods of time than a fast of only liquids. Blended raw soups and raw smoothies are also excellent for a period of fasting. It’s especially manageable for seniors and people who have never fasted in their life. They add bulk and variety to a fast and encourages the faster to fast for longer periods. It will not impede the cleansing process since all the ingredients are raw and hunger pangs don’t become an issue to threaten the resolve to remain on the fast for the period chosen. Diabetics should not fast unless they include a big salad with their favorite raw veggies at dinner time. And absolutely no fruits except apples in their green juice. It’s amazing the cleansing benefits derived from any of the fasts I have written about. The effort and discipline required to fast is worth the health benefits you will experience. Fasting accelerates cleansing and healing but the miracle of drinking daily green juices in combination with a healthy cooked food diet low in organic , grass-fed, wild protein, low in complex carbs and high in good fats will in time produce excellent results of detoxification and regeneration of the body but in a very gentle and gradual way that is tolerable for most people particularly the seniors who are changing their eating habits late in life. It’s never too late to alter your unhealthy lifestyle. This is a safe and simple program to regain optimum health. Please email me for lifestyle coaching. Sometimes we need a bit of help from someone who has been on a healing journey and understands the challenge to change unhealthy eating habits for new and healthier options.

October 22, 2017

September 18, 2017

There are many disturbing situations facing us today but what concerns me the most is the rapid decline in people's health, an accelerated epidemic in 21st century diseases particularly cancer, the rising cost of health care and the lack of adequate health care for many people. 

Industrial processed food is at the root of this problem. But what brought us to this alarming crisis and are there positive signs that there is hope to reverse the hazardous health risks we are facing today.

My definition of the term PROCESSED INDUSTRIAL FOOD is broader than some of the definitions I have looked at on the internet. 

The simple definition is that industrial processed food is convenience food, commercially prepared food as an easy way to get and consume. It’s loaded with toxic chemicals , a list too long to describe. It's fake food with little to no nutritional value and has excessive amounts of  sodium , sugar, and saturated fats.  However, I define this fake food more broadly including all GMO gr...

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June 10, 2015

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